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Energy Efficient Building at Clemson

Clemson dedicates one of the most energy efficient academic buildings in the country. Read More

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Building Code Update

SC updates its building energy code in anticipation of significant savings for new home-buyers. Read More

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Savings on Energy With Solar Power

3rd party electricity sales of solar power are bringing immediate savings on energy bills to less affluent neighborhoods. Read More

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Nuclear Reactors in SC to Benefit MS?

Will Mississippi reap the benefits of South Carolinians bearing the economic and safety risks associated with constructing and operating new nuclear reactors? Read More

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Clean Energy Investments Set Record

Global clean energy investments set a record at $263 billion in 2011, with the US re-claiming the top spot from China. Read More

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The Connection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Earthquakes

A new study from the US Geological Survey suggests hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas in the Midwest is inducing more frequent earthquakes. Read More

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A Look at the Past and Future of Nuclear Energy

A closer look at the nuclear industry’s troubled financial past and what may yet be on the horizon. Read More

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Offshore Wind Prices Set to Drop

Costs for offshore wind set to drop precipitously as custom barges become available for offshore wind farm construction. Read More  

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A Compeitior Emerges for Solar Panels

Small-scale, distributed combined heat and power systems are gaining market share. Read More

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Benefits of More Drilling?

What are the potential benefits of more drilling? Are they being accurately depicted by groups like the American Petroleum Institute? Read More

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