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Energy Efficient Homes in SC

Energy efficient homes are becoming the new norm for South Carolina. Read More

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New Duke Energy President in SC

Duke Energy taps Clark Gillespy to be their new South Carolina president. Read More

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Politics versus Biomass Investment

Are politics and power hampering investment in biomass energy production in South Carolina? Read More

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Study on Energy Efficiency

A new study focusing on energy efficiency regulations could spur a revolution in thinking on the topic. Read More

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Solar Can Reduce Cost of Power

In deregulated electricity markets like Texas, solar can actually reduce the cost of power for customers. Read More

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Time for 3rd Party Energy Sale in SC?

The allowance of 3rd party energy sales in other states continues to drive investment in solar installments.  Isn’t it time to open up this market for South Carolinians? Read More

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SC Ignoring Massive Potential in Favor of Nuclear

In a state brimming with offshore wind, solar, energy efficiency, and biomass potential, it apparently takes a foreign fuel source and hundreds of millions of dollars in support from the federal government to get many in South Carolina excited about … Continue reading

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Challenges with Small Nuclear Reactors

What challenges still exist for commercializing small modular nuclear reactors? Read More

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Solar and Wind Being Ignored?

Is it possible that official agencies are ignoring the exponential growth in solar and wind deployment and wildly underestimating the future contribution of these technologies? Read More

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Wind Energy in North Myrtle Beach

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce highlights the progress on wind energy along the Grand Strand. Read More

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