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Natural Gas and Renewables Complimentary?

The International Energy Agency touts the complimentary nature of natural gas and renewables. Read More

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Solar in Georgia

A number of major solar projects are underway in Georgia and scheduled to be on-line by 2015. Read More

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New Nuclear Project, Old Problems

The nation’s new nuclear projects are experiencing the problems of the past: cost overruns and delays. Read More

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Consequences of Arctic Warming

The Economist takes a closer look at what an Arctic that is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the planet means for our future. Read More

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Calls for a Revenue-Neutral Tax on Carbon

Former Secretary of State under Reagan calls for a revenue-neutral tax on carbon emissions to address climate change. Read More

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Renewables in Georgia

Utility commission hopefuls in Georgia believe renewables and energy efficiency have a bigger role to play in that state. Read More

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Community Owned Wind Projects

Community owned wind projects are gaining popularity and market share around the country. Read More

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US No. 9 in Energy Efficiency

Of the world’s 12 largest economies, a new study ranks the US 9th for energy efficiency. Read More

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Growing Wind Sector Benefits SC

US Senator Udall of Colorado explains how South Carolina is benefitting from the country’s growing wind energy sector. Read More

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Free Market Solutions to Energy Problems

The Energy & Enterprise Inititative is promoting free-market solutions to our energy challenges with former Republican US Representative Bob Inglis of SC leading the way. Read More

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