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Policies Can Support Community Projects

Group net metering policies can help pave the way for community-scale renewable energy projects. Read More

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USACE Supporting Renewables

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has announced a $7 billion request for proposals for privately financed renewable energy projects to be deployed at military bases around the country. Read More

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Good News for Solar

Sungevity founder says the enormous growth of the solar industry means it’s time for more mercenaries and fewer missionaries. Read More

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Clean Energy in SC

The Columbia Regional Business Report takes a closer look at the future of coal-fired power plants and highlights the lack of a clean energy policy in South Carolina.                    Read More

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A New Meaning for Blackwater?

Coal ash lagoons on the banks of the Waccamaw River illustrate one of myriad reasons South Carolina must get to work planning for its clean energy future. Read More

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How Do Utilities Stack Up?

Duke Energy is leading the Southeast in energy efficiency. Take a look at where our other utilities rank. Read More

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Energy Efficiency’s Impact

Across the country, the impacts from energy efficiency are dwarfing increased production of oil and gas. Read More

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US Wind Capacity Could Power SC

The U.S. has reached 50 GW of installed wind capacity.  That’s more than twice the amount of capacity needed to power all of South Carolina. Read More

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Learning from the Present

The recent power failure in India that left 600 million people without electricity should serve as a warning here at home about an aging electric grid that is increasingly being stretched to capacity. Read More

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Where Does Nuclear Go From Here?

Without any solution in sight for addressing nuclear waste storage, proposals for new nuclear reactors enter into a phase of uncertainty. Read More

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