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Invasive Energy Crop Poses Kudzu-esque Risks

In the ongoing effort to find energy sources which don’t pollute our air, land or water, biomass generates both considerable hope and concern. This article examines one particular species of plant, known as “Giant Reed”, which could possibly become an … Continue reading

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Judge to Decide Whether Santee Cooper Pollution Lawsuit Proceeds

A state judge will wait until after Thanksgiving to rule whether or not the court will proceed with a lawsuit brought against Santee Cooper. The lawsuit pertains to the storage of toxic coal ash in unlined ponds next to the … Continue reading

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Cracks Found at SCE&G’s Nuclear Facility North of Columbia

The safe operation of existing nuclear facilities in South Carolina requires diligent attention as our fleet and related infrastructure age. SCE&G recently discovered cracks in a steel dome sitting atop the reactor core at its V.C. Summer facility. Read More

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Florida Endures Painful Nuclear Financing Ordeal

Despite cost overruns, overcapacity and the subsequent reduced appetite for energy efficiency and renewables, South Carolina has so far managed to avoid the worst pitfalls associated with advanced nuclear cost recovery. Florida, on the other hand, has not been as … Continue reading

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Solar Panel Prices Continue to Drop as Industry Grows

In the past year alone, the price of solar panels dropped nearly 30% while solar jobs in the US grew by more than 13%. Much of this economic vigor can be attributed to the success of the solar leasing model … Continue reading

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Leasing Finances Largest Residential Solar Project in US

4,700 homes on Fort Bliss in Texas will receive free solar installations thanks to the market solution of solar leasing. The ability to finance energy projects by leasing equipment has become the go-to method in many states for ratepayers seeking … Continue reading

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New Film Examines Disappearing Glaciers

Now in theaters: Chasing Ice. Acclaimed National Geographic photographer James Balog deploys revolutionary time-lapse cameras to capture a multi-year record of the world’s changing glaciers. His hauntingly beautiful videos compress years into seconds and capture ancient mountains of ice in … Continue reading

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Duke Gives $1M to Palmetto Clean Energy

In accordance with a settlement agreement reached as part of the Duke-Progress merger, Duke Energy has given the first half of a $2 million contribution to Palmetto Clean Energy (PaCE). PaCE is non-profit program designed to promote the development of … Continue reading

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Atlanta Sets Aside Millions for Efficiency Financing

Atlanta’s Economic Development Authority decided to set aside $200 million to finance energy efficiency retrofits for commercial and multi-family buildings. Read More

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Ikea to Produce 100% of Electricity from Renewables

Swedish retailer Ikea will produce 100% of the corporation’s energy needs from solar and wind by 2020. They currently generate electricity from solar panels atop 34 of their 38 US stores and distribution centers. They plan to expand solar installations, … Continue reading

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