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A Progressive Carbon Tax Will Fight Climate Change and Stimulate the Economy

The Center for American Progress is the latest organization to weigh in on how the United States might approach the problem of carbon pollution. Pricing carbon continues to be discussed as a free market solution, but a number of key … Continue reading

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Wind, solar power paired with storage could be cost-effective way to power grid

A new study out of the University of Delaware contends that a combination of wind, solar and storage could be a cost-effective way to fully power a large electric grid 99.9% of the time by 2030. If these findings prove … Continue reading

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Significant Integration of Renewables Poses Real Challenges

States like California which produce significant amounts of electricity from renewable resources now face the challenge of balancing those resources with traditional forms of generation. Fortunately for SC, we produce so little electricity from solar and wind that we could … Continue reading

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Georgia Could Reach 4th in US for Solar Generation

In case you’ve been struggling to make sense of all the solar energy news coming out of Georgia in recent weeks, here is an article which provides some great points of reference. For example, if the state brings online all … Continue reading

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Georgia Power Prepares for Large-Scale Solar Investment

Georgia Power has been studying the performance of solar panels at various sites across the state. Results from the study will help the company determine its ability to integrate large amounts of solar onto the electric grid. This study goes … Continue reading

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European Interest Legitimizing US Offshore Wind Potential

The dream of developing offshore wind farms in US waters looks more and more promising as experienced European companies seek to participate in stateside wind lease auctions. The interest expressed by a number of major wind farm developers lends legitimacy … Continue reading

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Drought Impacting Trade on Mississippi

The extreme drought which hit the Midwestern US this summer continues to impact the region and the country. The Mississippi River’s water levels are approaching record lows, and significant portions of the river may not be navigable in coming weeks, … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Industries Associaiton Cuts Ties with ALEC

the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) has severed its relationship with ALEC, saying that the solar trade group originally joined the Council to promote bipartisan energy legislation. ALEC’s latest initiative to reverse renewable energy mandates would “take us backwards” according … Continue reading

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ALEC Seeks Repeal of Renewable Energy Mandates

The American Legislative Exchange Council, known widely by its acronym ALEC, has set its sights on repealing state renewable energy mandates across the country. Read More

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PSC Holds Final Hearing for SCE&G Rate Hike

The Public Service Commission held its final hearing for SCE&G’s most recent rate increase request last week. Ratepayers in Columbia voiced concerns similar to those raised in Charleston, and the PSC will likely decide on the request before the end … Continue reading

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