Ask Governor Haley to Stand Up for the SC Coast

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South Carolina’s coastal communities and residents have spoken out en masse against the federal proposal to allow oil and gas development off our our coast. It’s time for Governor Haley to respond and stand up for South Carolina’s coastal resources, heritage, and quality of life.

Click here to ask Gov. Haley to protect our coast.

As SC Senator Chip Campsen (R) stated in a recent editorial:

I suspect much of the support for offshore oil would fade away if citizens were confronted with the realities of the coastal industrialization necessary to support offshore oil. Edisto Beach, Hilton Head, Port Royal, the City of Beaufort, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, James Island, James Island Public Service District, and the City of Charleston have all adopted resolutions in opposition to drilling off their shores. The 80 miles of beautiful South Carolina coastline I represent encompasses most of these local governments. I agree, and urge the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management not to permit seismic testing or drilling for oil off South Carolina’s coast.

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