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Interview with head of Bloombery New Energy Finance

Michael Liebreich, head of Bloomberg New Energy Finance, takes on energy subsidies, the future of coal and more in this three-part interview. Read More

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Natural Gas to Overtake Coal

Natural gas is poised to overtake coal as America’s leading source of electricity, even as global investors express concerns about emissions related to natural gas extraction. Read More Here or Here

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Environmental Groups Take on Leaking Arsenic

A lawsuit by environmental groups has been filed over two coal ash lagoons operated by Santee Cooper that are leaking arsenic on the banks of the Waccamaw River. Read More

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Coal is Losing Steam

Even in Kentucky, coal is losing its luster. Read More

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SCE&G Moves Away From Coal

SCE&G announces plans for a significant move away from coal fired power generation. Read More

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Australia Reducing Carbon Emissions

Australia takes a big step forward in an effort to reduce carbon emissions. Read More

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The Dark Lord of Coal Country

The Rolling Stone investigation that forced the resignation of Don Blankenship, the coal industry’s dirtiest CEO By Jeff Goodell, November 29, 2010, Rolling Stone

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