Seismic Testing & SC

Read the comments filed with OCRM by the Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of the Coastal Conservation League and our partners:

Click here to read the complete comments.

  • Spectrum’s proposal would result in undue harm to marine mammals, including the critically-endangered North Atlantic right whale;
  • Spectrum’s proposal fails to adequately protect sea turtles and would result in undue harm to these threatened and endangered species;
  • Spectrum’s proposal would result in significant adverse impacts to South Carolina’s fisheries and fish habitat; and
  • The long-range, cumulative impacts of Spectrum’s proposal, as well as the other pending seismic survey proposals and potential future oil and gas drilling, threaten the sustainability of South Carolina’s coastal ecosystem and economy, and will provide little, if any, economic benefit.
  • Spectrum has failed to provide any information whatsoever about the project’s long- range, cumulative effects.

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